For Faculty

Writing is an essential academic skill, and the writing center is here to support your efforts to incorporate effective writing assignments into your teaching, regardless of your discipline. If you’d like to emphasize writing in your class, try one of these 10 anytime assignments (link takes you to

Instructors are discouraged from requiring attendance at the writing center as a graded part of writing assignments, but providing your classes with information about making an appointment at the writing center can give struggling students the motivation they need to seek assistance.

The writing center provides individual writing assistance to Trinity students during walk in hours and by appointment. Students may request appointments online by emailing the Writing Center. We recommend faculty include peer editing sessions as part of the writing process rather than requesting editing or proofreading from tutors.

The writing center’s website offers a series of PowerPoint presentations and handouts that you can use in class to give your students an overview of essential writing and research skills.

The Writing Center encourages referrals and works by request with faculty to track students’ writing progress. The writing center can provide weekly or monthly summaries of attendance for students in your classes. Call or email for more information.