Student Affairs at Trinity


Student Affairs is comprehensive and collaborative unit on campus that includes the following departments: Athletics; Campus Housing and Residence Life; Campus Ministry; Dean of Student Services and Student Activities; Dining Services; and Health and Wellness Center.  Student Affairs encourages personal growth and enriches the quality of campus life through innovative student-centered services and programs that foster self-efficacy, leadership and integrity.  Student Affairs strives to increase student retention, foster engagement and build community by empowering our students within an inclusive and supportive environment.

2023-2024 Goals

Goal 1:  Enhance Student Engagement

  • Establish the annual programming calendar by July to enable earlier promotion of activities and to increase collaboration amongst Student Affairs departments, with Student organizations and academic units.
  • Improve marketing and fan development through halftime events, promotions and fan engagement ideas
  • Enhance SAAC appearance and outreach on and off campus through marketing and cohosting events with other student organizations and the Special Olympics organization
  • Establish Student Affairs sponsored events and programs to engage the campus community in a variety of topics, including Voter Registration, History Month Programming, Social Justice Advocacy
  • Develop a program/curriculum for leadership development for student leaders, especially in regards to the leadership of CAS SGC and the CAA.
  • Develop of new and interesting co-curricular programming across disciplines in partnership with student organizations and academic units.

Goal 2:  Improve Retention

  • In partnership with Facilities, increase attention to routine maintenance and upkeep of residence halls
  • In partnership with Dining Services, develop strategies to improve the quality and variety of food offerings on campus
  • Review visitation policies, residence hall staffing structures and programming models to improve student experience in the residence halls.
  • Review structure and approach of student-athlete study hall, implement progress reports for student-athletes below 2.5 GPA and enhance Athletics staff interaction with advisors, and faculty to ensure that student-athletes are successful.
  • Improve customer service in Health and Wellness Center (appointments, health forms and insurance) and Campus Housing (work orders, room assignments and building environment).

Goal 3:  Promote Personal Growth and Wellness

  • Improve efficacy of the Health and Wellness Center by digitizing all operations
  • Implement fall workout programs for winter and spring athletes and winter workouts for spring athletes to maintain baseline conditioning, motivation and team bonding through the year.
  • Implement end of year physicals for athletes to prepare student-athletes for preseason workouts
  • Offer additional programs in conjunction with Trinity Center, Athletics, Health and Wellness and Dining Services that address student wellness needs and interests.
  • Explore a partnership with non-profit and Capital Area food bank to provide students access to produce and other seasonal items to extend the food pantry