SPS Research Resources

On this page, you will find many forms of resources to assist you in completing an academic research project using reliable methods to develop valid data and to determine evidence-based conclusions.

Training in the Responsibilities for Human Rights and Ethics for Researchers

To best understand the researcher and the institution’s responsibility the SPS and BGS IRB committees recommend that all researchers undergo the free IRB training (HHS OHPR compliant) offered by the National Institute of Health (NIH).  This training requires the creation of a secure login and is free of charge.  This training is offered online and also in a PDF format (requires an Internet connection for some sections).  This training is also offered in Spanish.

Trinity Washington University encourages students to be exploratory and expansive in considering subjects for research.  Students should look beyond the boundaries of Trinity and its campus to find suitable research topics and subjects in the spirit of serving the wider community and the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.    Students are expected to include no Trinity persons, nor Trinity as a subject, in their research.

Research Rescue Lab

Documents, power points, and other materials provided by the SPS faculty in the Research Rescue lab sessions.

Determining a Great Research Topic

Use this worksheet to assist in narrowing your topic, developing your overall research question, determining the problem to be addressed and its significance.

Developing a Solid Literature Review

Use Stephen Toulmin’s argument structure to analyze research articles and more importantly to develop the argument (logic) in your research paper.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is so common in our society today, we often do not recognize when we are plagiarizing in an academic paper.  It is particularly offensive int eh academic community when most research is produced for goodwill and goes unpaid.  Additionally plagiarizing can dis-empower our own voice, making us subject to the thoughts and opinions of others.  Use the APA tutorial and the VAIL Tutor to add to your knowledge and skill in writing clearly and in using citations to make your sources explicit.  The power point, Avoiding Plagiarism the Easy Way, makes citation and referencing more accessible and understandable.

Formatting the Research Proposal and Paper in APA 6th Style

See the Academic Writing Resources for documents related to using MS Word (PC or MAC) to establish your heading style settings, which will automatically format your paper and then insert a Table of Contents.  This can save hours in editing for format.