Welcome New Students!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you as you begin your Trinity experience. The university is truly happy that you have chosen to become a member of our community.

The School of Professional Studies (SPS) is an evening and weekend program designed to accommodate the needs of the working adult. We have undergraduate programs that are designed for those who are seeking to enhance their careers. The SPS Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

New Student Orientation is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools that you will need in order to prepare to begin classes. We feel that this is an important first step towards academic success. Through orientation you will become familiar with various campus departments, academic resources, program requirements, online technology, and college level expectations. It is our hope that with a combination of this website and orientation, you will be well prepared to embark on your academic journey.

Again, welcome to the School of Professional Studies and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Note: All links will open in separate windows so that you can easily return to and continue your online orientation

Policies & Calendar

As a student, you are expected to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity.

There are three publications you need to review: the Trinity Academic Catalog, the SPS Student Handbook and the Academic Honesty Handbook. Each publication provides crucial information that you will need during your academic journey. You are responsible for knowing about the content of these publications, which are accessible online or on-campus. We advise you to print out a copy of the Academic Calendar each year for your reference and review. The link to the Academic Calendar is also provided for your convenience.  You are responsible for knowing about the content of these publications, which are accessible online or on-campus.

  1. University Catalog
  2. SPS Undergraduate Handbook
  3. Course Schedule
  4. Academic Calendar
  5. Academic Honesty

Academic Advising

The SPS Advising Staff in Main 250 is dedicated to helping you achieve your academic and professional goals. They will assist you with academic course plans as well as your academic concerns throughout your time here at Trinity. Advisors are assigned by last name or program. To make the most of your time at Trinity and to stay on the right track, please contact your advisor at least once a semester.

The undergraduate advising team is available on the second floor of Main in Suite 250 Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Appointments are encouraged to make the most of your advising session.

Undergraduate Advisors

Marie Celeste, 202-884-9285, CelesteM@trinitydc.edu

  • AA and BA in Early Childhood Education

Stacey Holloway, 202-884-9625, HollowayS@trinitydc.edu

  • BS in Criminal Justice (last names C-Z)
  • BA in Human Relations (last names C-Z)
  • BA in Psychology

Shalayna Johnson, 202-884-9641, JohnsonShala@trinitydc.edu

  • BS in Accounting
  • BS in Business Administration
  • BS in Business Administration with Human Resource Management

Thomas Mostowy, 202-884-9233, MostowyT@trinitydc.edu

  •  BS in Criminal Justice (last names A & B)

Dr. Daryl Thorne, 202-884-9626, ThorneD@trinitydc.edu

  • BA in Human Relations (last names A & B)

Brittany Wills, 202-884-9623, WillsB@trinitydc.edu

  • AA in General Studies at THEARC
  • BA in Health Services
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • BA in General Studies
  • BA in Journalism and Media Studies


As a student of Trinity, you will be given a Trinity email and an Self-Service account. You should check your Trinity email account as frequently as your personal email account. This is the way that staff and faculty will contact you, and you will also be alerted to university events and announcements. Activate this account along with your Trinity email at 202-884-9811 or email helpdesk@trinitydc.edu.

Self-Service is the Trinity system by which you will conduct online registrations, view your grades, make changes to your schedule, view your financial aid amounts, as well as your unofficial transcript.

Moodle is the Trinity online course support environment where you will find your course syllabus and other course related information.  All of your course documents should be available on the course page.  you may also find discussion forums, assignment uploads, web links and other resources.

Parking & Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety has oversight for Parking Services, Student Identification Card services, emergency management services as well as many other duties that support the entire Trinity community. They keep Trinity safe and secure. It is essential to comply with their procedures for parking and show proper identification.

Academic Support Services

The Office of Academic Support is located in the Library Room 103. It is there that you can receive an array of services and programs that support the academic success of all Trinity students. It is also within that office workshops such as managing time, math anxiety, and understanding learning styles take place. To find out more please click on each individual link.

Academic Success

Set academic and personal goals that matter to you

Discover a motivating force: Find a passion in learning and make your education meaningful. What would you like to accomplish in your life or career? What would you like to accomplish by the end of this semester? Put your goals in writing and use them to motivate you!

Meet and get to know your professors

A faculty connection makes a huge difference in the way you will view your education. Often times students avoid their professors because they feel intimated. While those feelings are common, don’t let that stand in the way. Your professors are not only a knowledgeable and important resource, but they love to meet and hear from their students. Office hours are a great time to ask questions about course material, homework assignments, or discuss your interest in the course topic.

Know and use your campus resources

Your academic advisor or the Academic Support and Career Services Office are great places to get answers to any academic questions or concerns.

Learn to manage your time

Learn how to use your time to balance your academic needs as well as work and family needs. Evaluate how you use your time and see how you spend it. Make a schedule and use a planner to keep up with your assigned reading and homework. Study consistently and tackle your most difficult subjects first. Learn to say no to distractions.


The Sister Helen Sheehan Library houses over 250,000 volumes with an online catalog system and internet access to thousands of periodicals and research libraries worldwide.

To check out materials, your student ID must have a barcode.You can get your barcode by stopping at the Library’s front desk with your ID.

With our library barcode, you may use Trinity’s information resources as well as those of other DC universities that form a part of the Washington Research Library Consortium.