Ethical Conduct & Communications

This policy statement is also known as the “Whistleblower Policy.”

Trinity expects all members of the university community to uphold the law and to observe the highest standards of ethical conduct. Trinity’s internal controls and operating procedures are intended to prevent illegal conduct, including fraud and other violations of law and regulations. Trinity has a clear responsibility to investigate and take action regarding any allegation of financial misconduct, fraud or other illegal activity, or conduct that violates other Trinity policies and the law, including harassment. Members of the campus community have a right and responsibility to report suspected illegal or unethical activity. Moreover, any person who makes such a report is entitled to full protection against any form of retaliation.

Any member of the campus community, including executive management, administrative staff, faculty or student who observes or has knowledge of illegal or unethical activity should report that activity immediately to her or his supervisor. If the person reporting the problem does not wish to speak to a supervisor, he or she may make the report to the Chief Financial Officer or to the Director of Human Resources who is also the Corporate Secretary. Alternatively, the person reporting the problem may make the report directly to the President. If the complaint involves the President, then the person reporting the problem may make the report to Trinity’s legal counsel. All complaints are confidential, and may be anonymous. Contact information is below.

On an annual basis, Trinity’s legal counsel will compile the complaints received under this policy through all channels and will make a report to the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees. Any person who attempts to impede any investigation under this policy will incur disciplinary action up to and including termination or dismissal from Trinity, and such actions may also incur external prosecution. Similarly, any person who engages in any form of retaliation against a complainant under this or any Trinity policy will incur disciplinary action up to and including termination or dismissal.

Complaints, whether signed or anonymous, may be made in-person, by phone, by email or letter to the following individuals:

Ms. Tracey Prince Ross, Executive Director of Human Resources

Ms. Patricia McGuire, President

Ms. Sarah Phelps, General Counsel