Policy Statement on Access to Trinity’s Campus

Trinity welcomes visitors who have reason to be on the campus for a wide variety of educational, recreational and social purposes.  Trinity is a private university with significant responsibilities to care for the safety and security of every person on the campus.  Hence, while welcoming visitors, Trinity also limits access to the campus premises and buildings.

  • ALL visitors to campus must show identification and follow directions for signing-in and parking in designated places.
  • All students and campus personnel also should wear ID and cooperate with sign-in procedures for guests.
  • All guests in Trinity’s buildings must be escorted.  Visitors may not wander unescorted through buildings.

ALL PERSONS, including current students, faculty and staff, as well as alumnae/i, visitors and guests on Trinity’s campus must show identification upon entering the campus and the buildings.  Trinity’s security staff have specific instructions and authority to ask for identification and to deny access to anyone who refuses to show identification.

ALL visitors to campus, including alumnae and alumni, should be here for specific business purposes.  Trinity cannot permit visitors, including alums, to wander around the buildings or campus with no particular purpose, to linger in lounges or other common areas, to make unannounced visits to offices outside of a legitimate academic purpose (e.g., getting a transcript at Enrollment Services).

Trinity’s public access computers are for students and campus personnel only; visitors may not use Trinity’s public access computers without specific permission to do so.  Similarly, all other equipment at Trinity is restricted to the use of campus personnel.

  • Alumnae and Alumni:  Trinity welcomes alums to our campus, and we wish to extend Trinity’s customary hospitality at all times.  Trinity’s hospitality to alums is not inconsistent with good security procedures as well.  Just as they would have wanted strong security when they were students here, we hope that our alums will recognize and appreciate the value of sensible security procedures for campus access today.  Accordingly, we ask all alumnae and alumni to respect and cooperate with this essential campus safety practices.
    • Alumnae and alumni who wish to use the library for research or other academic or professional purposes should write a brief message to the Office of Alumnae Affairs stating the purpose and likely timeframe for library access.  Trinity reserves the right to determine whether the university can extend library privileges to an alum for a specified purpose and period of time.  Trinity will provide further directions about obtaining a temporary ID and access procedures once the request is approved.
    • Alumnae and alumni are welcome to join the Trinity Center.  Information on the Trinity Center memberships is available at https://discover.trinitydc.edu/trinity-center/membership-options-rates/
  • Members of the Trinity Center must comply with Trinity’s rules and regulations for security, building access and parking.  A Trinity Center ID only allows access to the Trinity Center, not to other buildings.
  • Should an alum or other visitor need special access to the campus for a specific purpose longer than a day visit, please contact Public Safety Deputy Chief Kelvin Contee to secure permission and a temporary ID.

Trinity reserves the right to request visitors to leave the premises, to stay out of areas designated for students or campus personnel only, and to revoke campus access privileges at any time.