The TEAS Nursing Entrance Exam

One of the criteria for formal acceptance into the Nursing program is a successful completion of the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). The TEAS was designed to measure basic essential skills in the four academic subject areas of reading, mathematics, science, and English/language usage. These entry-level skills were deemed important for nursing program applicants by a panel of nursing program curriculum experts. The general education requirements, as well as the pre-nursing courses, were designed to prepare students with the knowledge necessary for successful completion of the TEAS and entry into the Nursing program.


Registering and Preparing for the TEAS

Official TEAS results should be submitted with the formal application to the Nursing Program. 

  • Only Trinity students may take the TEAS at Trinity. When checking in at the time of the exam, students must present their Trinity student ID.
  • Students must use their Trinity email address to create their account with ATI when registering for the exam.
  • TEAS results are valid for one (1) year. Students must take the exam during the 12 months prior to the application deadline.
  • After taking the TEAS, students may not take it again for at least 30 days.
  • Students may take the TEAS up to three (3) times in a 12 month period.

Registration for the TEAS is conducted through an on-line registration system. Students register through ATI’s website. If Trinity’s TEAS dates are not convenient, students may opt to take the “TEAS Online Proctored by ATI” testing option or the “In-Person Proctored by PSI” testing option. Please see ATI’s TEAS registration page for more information about these testing options. When creating an ATI account, students should select “Trinity Washington University” as their institution in their ATI account profile and should use their Trinity email address. Be sure to register no later than 2 (two) days before your planned TEAS exam date. Official TEAS transcripts must be received by the application deadline. For more information about sending TEAS results, please visit ATI’s TEAS transcript page.

We strongly recommend that students purchase the TEAS Study Manual to familiarize themselves with the contents of the exam. You can purchase the Study Manual, as well as online practice assessments and other TEAS prep materials on ATI’s website. The Study Manual is also on reserve in the library (available for temporary checkout while in library).

Before you make arrangements to take the TEAS, please take some time to review the criteria for formal acceptance into the Nursing program, as well as read the acceptance criteria for your Nursing program in the Academic Catalog:

Nursing Application Deadlines

October 1 – Deadline for submission of Nursing Program Application Packet for Spring admission

February 1 – Deadline for submission of Nursing Program Application Packet for Fall admission

  • Students will be notified of their acceptance to the Nursing program by the Nursing program Director when all criteria for considering the application have been received and evaluated.
  • Please direct your questions to the Nursing program Office (202-884-9670).

Upcoming TEAS Dates

Trinity does not have any upcoming TEAS dates on campus. Students are advised to choose one of the other TEAS testing options.

Please see TEAS registration instructions above.