Frequently Asked Questions

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Academic Questions

 Q: How do I apply to the Nursing Program?
A:  For pre-licensure BSN program: Application to Trinity’s pre-licensure BSN program involves a two step process. Applicants must first be accepted into Trinity to complete pre-nursing courses, and then when students are in their final semester of pre-requisites, they submit their application for formal acceptance into the Nursing Program.  For RN-BSN program: Registered nurses apply for Trinity’s RN-BSN program through the Admissions office.
Click here for information on applying to Trinity’s Nursing Program (for both the pre-licensure BSN and the RN-BSN).

 Q: How do I know which courses I need to take?
A: Your academic advisor reviews your curriculum with you to help you plan which courses to take each semester in order to best meet your academic goals.

 Q: What courses can I transfer into Trinity?
A: Courses are transferred according to Trinity’s transfer policy. If you have questions regarding specific courses you have taken, please speak with your academic advisor.

 Q: How do I register for classes?
A: Before registering, be sure to meet with your academic advisor to review your curriculum so you know which courses follow your outlined curriculum plan. Then you can submit the courses for registration through Self-Service. Once you submit the courses, your advisor will have to approve the courses before your registration is finalized. Click here for more information on using Self-Service. For non-NURS courses, you may need to see your advisor to fill out a paper registration form.

 Q: How many credits can I take per semester?
A: Students may take up to 19 credits in fall and spring semesters and up to 9 credits in the summer term. In order to take more than the allowed credits, students must get approval from the Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions. Please talk with your academic advisor regarding the number of credits and the particular courses that will allow you to best meet your academic goals for each semester.

 Q: How do I know what books are needed for my classes?
A: You can find out which books will be needed for your classes from Trinity’s bookstore. You can either check the bookstore online or print your schedule and take it to the bookstore, which is located in Main B-10.

 Q: Where can I find my course syllabus?
A: Your instructor will post the course syllabus on Moodle. Click here for more information on Moodle.

 Q: How do I get access to online library resources when I’m off campus?
A: First, you will have to make sure you are registered with the library for the semester. You can do this online, in person, or over the phone. You will also need to set up your myALADIN account. For more information see the library’s home page and FAQ page.

 Q: How do I avoid plagiarism by properly citing my sources?
A: If you have questions about proper citation, you should talk with your instructor and refer to your APA manual. You should also be familiar with Trinity’s policy regarding plagiarism. See Trinity’s Handbook on Academic Honesty, Plagiarism, and the Honor System for detailed information, including campus and online resources.

 Q: How do I view my grades?
A: Your instructors may post grades in Moodle. Click here for more information on Moodle. You can also view your final course grades in Self-Service. Click here for more information on using Self-Service.

 Q: What is the process for appealing a grade?
A: If you have a question about a grade, the first thing you should do is contact your instructor to discuss your grade and to determine if there were any errors in calculation. Only grades of “F” can be formally appealed. For more information, refer to Trinity’s academic appeal policy.

 Q: What happens if I fail a nursing course?
A: For more information, see the School of Nursing and Health Professions’ policy on repeated courses.

 Q: What can I do if I need additional help in a course?
A: Remember that your instructor is a resource, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or are struggling to understand course material. Also, don’t forget about resources outside the classroom. Make an appointment with Trinity’s Writing Center or see if there is Tutoring available through the Academic Services Center. Don’t wait until it’s too late to ask for additional support.

 Q: What can I do if I have a permanent or temporary disability that might affect my ability to be successful in my courses?
A: Students who have a permanent or temporary disability should contact Disability Student Services for assistance.

 Q: Who is my academic advisor? How can I meet with my academic advisor?
A: When entering the Nursing Program, each student will be assigned an academic advisor. Contact your advisor via email or phone to schedule an appointment, or you may meet with your advisor during scheduled office hours. You can find the name of your academic advisor by viewing your current course schedule on Self-Service. The name of your advisor will be listed at the bottom of your schedule.

 Q: What is the process for changing academic advisors?
A: To change your academic advisor, you must submit the Request for Change of Advisor form to Enrollment Services. Both your current advisor and your new advisor must sign the form. For more information, see Trinity’s policy on advising and changing advisors.

Clinical Questions

 Q: What are the locations of the nursing clinical courses? How do I know where to go for my clinical courses?
A: The nursing program provides clinical education throughout the DC metro area. Clinical sites include, but are not limited to:  Washington Hospital Center, Providence Hospital, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Childrens National Hospital, Sibley Hospital, Washington Veterans Administration Medical Center, and St. Elizabeth Hospital. The Clinical Coordinator will notify each student where their clinical site is located.

 Q: When do I need to have my clinical requirements completed?
A: All clinical requirements must be completed before registering for any clinical course. Hospitals usually need this information at least 6-8 weeks before clinical classes begin. 

 Q: Where can I get the health forms?
A: Click here for the health forms.

Q: Where can I find information about the background check and drug test?
A: Click here for information about the background check and drug test.

 Q: Where do I get my fingerprinting completed?
A: Students must go to their local police department for FBI finger printing. If your local police department does not process fingerprinting, please contact Castlebranch at (888) 666-7788.

 Q: Do I need liability insurance?
A: Registered nurses (in the RN-BSN program) must provide proof of liability insurance.


Financial Questions

 Q: How much will my courses cost? How can I pay for my courses?
A: Information about tuition and fees and payment options is available online. If you have any questions, please contact Enrollment Services.

 Q: Who can answer my questions about financial aid, grants, scholarships, and payment plans?
A: Visit the Enrollment Services webpage to find information about financial aid, grants, scholarships, payment plans, and more. Please contact the Enrollment Services office if you have any questions.

 Q: How can I find information about nursing scholarships?
A: The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has detailed information about qualifications and deadlines for the HRSA Nursing Scholarship Program. You can also search for other scholarships online. If you have any questions about finding and applying for scholarships, please contact Enrollment Services.

Other Questions

 Q: How do I get a user name and password so I can log in to Trinity email, Moodle, and Self-Service? What if I forget my user name or password?
A: New students at Trinity receive an email from Technology Services with login information (this email is sent to the personal email account provided by the students). Click here to find out more about your Trinity login information and to find out what to do if you forget your user name or password or have trouble logging into your Trinity email, Moodle, or Self-Service.

 Q: Where can I find Trinity email, Moodle, and Self-Service?
A: At the top right of most Trinity webpages, you will see a row of five icons. The envelope is a link to Trinity email. The “M” is a link to Moodle. The shopping cart is a link to Self-Service.

 Q: How do I get my student ID?
A: For information on obtaining your student ID, visit the Department of Public Safety in Main B-8.

 Q: How can I print on campus?
A: Click here for information about printing on campus.

 Q: How do I get a parking pass?
A: Click here for information about parking on campus and how to obtain a parking permit.

 Q: How can I access the Metro from campus?
A: Click here for information about Trinity’s complimentary Metro shuttle service.

 Q: Where can I find food on campus?
A: Trinity provides several options for food on campus, from full meals to small snacks, including the Dining Hall, Trinity Deli, the bookstore, and vending machines on the basement level of Main Hall. Click here for more information about dining on campus.

 Q: How do I make an appointment with the Director of the Nursing Program?
A: To schedule an appointment with the Director of the Nursing Program, please contact the Administrative Assistant in the Nursing Program office (Payden Academic Center, Room 218) at 202-884-9670.

 Q: How do I make an appointment with the Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions?
A: Please contact Dean Mary Romanello at 202-884-9677 or to schedule an appointment.

 Q: What are the student organizations for nursing students?
A: Nursing students can join the Trinity Student Nurses Association (TSNA). For more information, please contact the nursing program office at 202-884-9670.