Meet the School of Nursing and Health Professions Staff


Dean Brigid M. Noonan, Ph.D., LCPC, NCC, ACS

Dr. Noonan is responsible for academic programs within the School of Nursing and Health Professions.  She works with the respective program directors to ensure programmatic integrity and adherence to accreditation standards.  She mentors faculty and guides the division’s staff in matters related to students’ academic success. 202-884-9677 | Office location: Payden Academic Center, Room 221



 Denise S. Pope, Ph.D., RN, Associate Dean of Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer

Dr. Pope leads the nursing programs.  She guides all phases of the nursing programs including curriculum planning, clinical rotations, faculty development and student learning outcomes. 202.884.9682 | Office location: Payden Academic Center, Room 217


Ms. Kim Boddie, Occupational Therapy Administrative Assistant


Ms. Boddie serves as the administrative assistant to the Occupational Therapy Assistant and Master of Occupational Therapy programs.   202.884.9674| Office location: Main 352


Theresa Hudnall, Nursing Clinical Coordinator

Ms. Hudnall facilitates building and maintaining the nursing program’s clinical partnerships.  She monitors students’ adherence to clinical health requirements in addition to working with faculty and the Chief Nursing Officer on clinical assignments.  202-884-9669 | Office location: Payden Academic Center, Room 218


Sarah Trippensee, Assistant Dean of Nursing and  Health Professions

Ms. Trippensee provides pre-professional phase academic advising services to students pursuing baccalaureate degrees in nursing and occupational therapy assistants.  She meets with students about curriculum plans, academic progression, and she supports faculty in their academic advising roles.  She serves as the Test of Essential Academic Skills coordinator and as the liaison to the Admission staff for undergraduate NHP degree programs.  Sarah assists the dean and associate dean with data analysis associated with academic records. 202.884.9684| Office location: Payden Academic Center, Room 219


Eva-Maria Velasquez, Clinical Simulation Technician

Ms. Velasquez assists with clinical simulation for all Nursing and Health Professions’ programs.  She maintains the clinical simulation laboratory and all nursing laboratory classrooms.  202-884-9678 | Office location: Payden Academic Center, Room 218



For More Information

Please see the following pages if you would like more information about academic pathways for Health Service-CAS, Health Services-SPSPre-licensure Nursing, RN-BSNSecond Degree BSN, Master of Science in Nursing, Occupational Therapy Assistant, or Master of Occupational Therapy.