OTA-B Student Learning Outcomes

The expected student outcomes reflect Trinity’s vision and mission, Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics and Ethics Standards, AOTA Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain & Process as well as AOTA Blueprint for Education.


Following completion of the OTA program in Trinity Washington University School of Nursing and Health Professions, the OTA graduate will:


  1. Use professional literature to make evidence based practice decisions in collaboration with other healthcare professionals (2011 ACOTE Standards; B.8.3)
  2. Demonstrate clinical skills and professional behaviors of an entry level OTA that reflect the standards and ethics of the OT profession
  3. Identify, adapt and modify activities and interventions that support the needs and wants of the client in their pursuit to master occupations and their environments.
  4. Be able to gather information about patients, populations and organizations and effectively communicate their occupational needs to the OTR, healthcare team, family and/or community
  5. Identify legal and ethical aspects of the OTA’s role in the supervision of healthcare personnel
  6. Successfully pass the NBCOT OTA exam