Why can’t I see my quiz grade?

In the Quiz activity, the instructor controls when the students can see each bit of information such as whether you got a specific question correct, what the correct answer is, and how many points you earned for the quiz (in other words, your grade on the quiz).

If you cannot see your quiz grade, it is most likely that the option for you to view your “Points” is not checked for the current time period/state of the quiz.

There are four time windows:

  1. While you are taking the quiz
  2. The two minutes after you have hit the submit button
  3. From 2:01 until the Close the Quiz date & time has been reached
  4. Once the quiz is closed to all students

In most cases, if you cannot see your quiz grade, it is because the option to see your points is only enabled after the quiz is closed for all students. So, for instance, if you take the quiz on Monday, but the quiz doesn’t close until Thursday at 6:00PM and the instructor has it set to not show your grade until then, you will not be able to see your grade. In fact, the quiz grade will show as ‘dropped’ on your ‘Grader’ report’ until you are allowed to see your quiz grade.

You can always verify when the quiz closes by clicking on the Quiz activity, and looking to see if the close the quiz date/time has already passed.

Be aware that if even one individual student has an extension, you may not be able to see the quiz grade until the quiz is closed for ALL students.

Note: if the quiz has closed and your quiz grade is still not visible, it’s possible your instructor has it hidden for a specific reason. Please contact your instructor first.