How do I add a category to my gradebook?

If you wish to group your assignments or other activities in your gradebook, one helpful way to do that is to create a category for these items.

Here are the steps for creating a category in your Moodle gradebook.

  1. Login to Moodle. Click on the course to which you wish to add the category in the gradebook.
  2. On the main page of your course, click the gray editing gear in the upper right corner to get the administrative options.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose the ‘Gradebook setup’ option.
  4. On the ‘Gradebook setup’ page, scroll down to the bottom. You should see two buttons; one is labelled ‘Add category,’ the other labelled ‘Add grade item.’ Click the button labelled ‘Add category.’
  5. On the ‘Grade category’ screen, complete the grade ‘Category name.’ For additional options, you can click the ‘Show more…’ link.
  6. Adjust the aggregation, as desired. Learn more about aggregations in this FAQ.
  7. You have the ability to have the system drop the lowest. Put in the number of items you would like dropped.
  8. You can expand the ‘Category total’ section for more options.
  9. So a completed gradebook category might look like like:
  10. Scroll down, and ‘Save Changes.’ You will be brought back to the ‘Gradebook setup’ page.
  11. You can see the category in your gradebook now.
  12. To add items to your category, you can move existing items or you can click the ‘Add grade item’ button.
  13. Then add the item name, update the point value, and select the appropriate category.
  14. Scroll down and save your changes.
  15. When you are brought back to the ‘Gradebook setup’ page, you can now see the grade item in your gradebook category.

If you have existing items that you need to move into your new category, follow the steps found at the FAQ, “How do I move items in my gradebook?”