How do I view my course evaluations?

As a faculty member at Trinity, you can view the details from your completed course evaluations for any of your courses approximately three weeks after the last grade due date for the last academic session (e.g., DAY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, SEM, etc.) in the that academic term (e.g., FALL, SPRING, MAY, etc.).

While the submission window for course evaluations is open for your current courses, you CANNOT view the content from evaluations for your current courses, but you CAN view your course evaluations completion rate for those current courses.

  1. Login to Moodle..
  2. Locate the course evaluations block. Click on the “Login to SmartEvals” link.
    Please note: if you do not see the ink, you can also go directly to I would recommend logging into Moodle first either way.
  3. Once you’re in the course evaluation system, you would click on the reports for any one course.
  4. Then adjust the filters to pull the reports you wish with the drop-down menus.
  5. Click the “Export” option for the report.