The 12 Days of Moodle-ing (for Students) by Katie the Moodle Lady

This a version of “The 12 Days of Christmas,” covering instead the first 12 days of working with Moodle (Trinity Washington University’s Learning Management System) as a student. Please check below the video to learn more about how to take these steps! Vocals and lyrics by Katie Wanschura. Background music by

  • Video Transcript (Microsoft Word format): The 12 Days of Moodle-ing (for Students)
  • English CC Available on Video

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The 12 Days of Moodle-ing Resources

Note: Students, if you do not see either of the training courses (4th Day of Moodle-ing) in your “My Courses” block or list once you have successfully logged into Moodle, please contact Moodle Support for access information.

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First Day of Moodle-ing: Login to the Moodle Homepage

Second Day of Moodle-ing: Add your Profile Info

Third Day of Moodle-ing: Post your Picture

Fourth Day of Moodle-ing: Complete the Online Trainings

Fifth Day of Moodle-ing: Visit Your Available Courses

Sixth Day of Moodle-ing: Read the Weekly Text

Seventh Day of Moodle-ing: Review your Course’s Syllabus

Eighth Day of Moodle-ing: Pose Discussion Forums

Ninth Day of Moodle-ing: Post your Assignments

Tenth Day of Moodle-ing: Take Online Quizzes

Eleventh Day of Moodle-ing: Quickmail your Teacher

Twelfth Day of Moodle-ing: Check your Moodle Gradebook