2021 Sr. Seton Cunneen Fellows

We are pleased to announce our new Summer 2021 Cunneen Fellows, for the 25th year of the fellowship.

Our Cunneen Summer Fellows for 2021 are: 

Cunneen at 25!

Diana Ortiz is a rising Senior, a member of the Green Class, and a Cunneen Fellow serving with C.L.I.N.I.C. (Catholic Legal Immigration Network) with Michele Mendez and Amari Verastegui to supervise.  Through her work with CLINIC, Diana expects to learn about Catholic Social Teaching while developing her advocacy skills, learning about immigration in this country, human rights and doing what is needed. 
Diana holds a major in Political Science and a minor in Business, speaks both English and Spanish, Microsoft skills and various developmental abilities and experiences. 
Diana, welcome to the Cunneen Fellowship in its 25th year!


Diana Ortiz, C.L.I.N.I.C. with Amari Verastegui, supervising





Cunneen at 25!

Elizabeth Silva Cervantes, a Trinity second year, Trinity’s Gold Class, will work with CASA de Maryland, “an organization dedicated to creating an equitable society that empowers and improves the quality of life of the working class and immigrant families.”
Elizabeth is fluent in English/Spanish Bilingual, skilled in Microsoft Office, is creative with artistic talent and a good communicator.  Coming to DC from Georgia, Elizabeth will spend time canvasing and calling contacts in the metro DC area with the supervision of Trent Leon Lierman at CASA de Maryland.  Welcome, Elizabeth, to the Cunneen Fellowship!


Elizabeth Silva, CASA de Maryland, with Trent Leon Lierman, supervising





Ingrid Tchouamo

Ingrid Tchouamo- Cunneen Fellow 2021


Ingrid Tchouamo, The Renaissance Center, with Ms. Elizabeth Ngatchou, supervising

Ingrid Tchouamo, a second year CAS, Trinity ‘s Gold Class of 2023, will serve at the Renaissance Center for Culture and Education (RCCE) on Georgia Ave. Her role in supporting job readiness for persons with intellectual disabilities as well as “planning and coordinating cultural diversity events that promote inclusion”.
Ingrid is fluent in English and French, serves as her class Vice President, is a resident of DC, and majors in Psychology.  Welcome to the Cunneen Summer Fellowship, Ingrid!





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