Science, Mathematics & Tech

The Science, Math & Technology programs at Trinity prepare graduates to be leaders in the most in-demand and cutting-edge career fields today. Trinity’s institutional focus on Social Justice seeks to inject not just talent but ethics into the fast-paced industries changing our culture every day.

  • Convenient schedule of classes with course formats including daytime, evening, weekend, online and face-to-face classes.
  • Trinity programs are among the most affordable in the region, and customized financial aid packages are available.

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Just Some of Our Successful Graduates

Animal Medical Center of Watkins Park
Naya Eady ‘16 - Doctoral candidate in the Biomedical & Biological Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University
Cornell University
Charlene Valdez ‘17, a Clare Boothe Luce Scholar, participated in undergraduate research every year as an undergraduate student and presented work across the country, where she won awards for poster presentations. While at Trinity Washington University she was also the President of Ladies FIRST Math & Science Club.
New York University
Adriana Pino Delgado participated in an undergraduate research experience at New York University. She was part of a research team and co-authored a peer-reviewed journal in Molecular Cell.
United Therapeutics Corporation

Science, Math & Technology Degree Programs

Biochemistry, B.S. (Weekdays for Women)
Biochemistry is the science of life, and the relationship of living beings with the environment.
Biology B.S. (Weekdays for Women)
Through the study of living systems from the tiniest cell to enormous ecosystems, a biology degree from Trinity prepares you for your choice of careers.
Chemistry B.S. (Weekdays for Women)
Learn how chemistry connects the physical, life, and applied sciences, as it shapes the world around us.
Economics (Minor)
The Economics program at Trinity combines the traditional cornerstones of economics with the distinct emphases of Trinity’s mission.
Environmental Justice (Minor)
Advocate for equity in environmental policies
Forensic Science, B.S. (Weekdays for Women)
Gain a solid foundation in both the biology and the chemistry necessary for many forensic investigations along with applications relevant to crime labs.
Mathematics, B.S. (Weekdays for Women)
Gain the ability to translate and represent real-world problems in mathematical language and notation, and turn that into a lifelong career!