Admissions Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Students

We know you’ve got questions – and this page has answers! If you still have questions, please contact the Admissions Office by calling us at 202-884-9400 or emailing We’re here for you!

Admissions Process Questions

No, this will not hold up an admissions decision if you can provide unofficial transcripts, diplomas or other documents attesting to your academic performance at other schools. If that evidence supports your admission, you will receive a conditional admission letter and you will have to provide the official transcript by the start of your new semester. Trinity will work with you if there is any further delay due to how the coronavirus crisis is affecting the ability of many schools to process transcript requests.

No, this will not hold up your application, if you let us know that you are having a hard time getting the recommendation letter, we will proceed to review your application. If the evidence supports your admission, you will receive a conditional admissions letter and you will have to provide the recommendations once you enroll. Trinity will work with you to be sure that delays in credentials due to the coronavirus will not affect your ability to enroll at Trinity.

Yes! Admissions Recruiters and Student Ambassadors will be delighted to speak with you; call 202-884-9400 to get connected. Our Admissions team host virtual programs to help acquaint you with Trinity, our students and faculty.

Paying for College and Financial Aid

Trinity has the lowest tuition of any private university in the Washington region, and with financial aid, Trinity is very affordable. Tuition price depends on whether you are full-time or part-time, undergraduate or graduate, so you should check the fees on our tuition website. However, you should know that what you actually pay out of your own pocket depends on how much financial aid you qualify for, so please go ahead and complete the FAFSA form and then our financial aid team will work with you to calculate how much you will pay to attend Trinity.

  • Trinity is affordable: Trinity’s tuition is the lowest among all private universities in the region – and Trinity offers generous scholarships! Our Financial Aid team helps you every step of the way.
  • NO fees to apply to Trinity (and no SATs required; no GREs required).
  • NO New Student Enrollment fee
  • NO Course Fees for individual courses:  Figuring out college costs can be complicated. Trinity has streamlined costs – course fees are not added on. No surprises!
  • Campus Housing Available, All Single Rooms, One Flat Rate

Trinity Washington University is a military friendly institution with a reputable record of educating current and former service members of the United States military.  Thank you for your service! Trinity Washington University participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program which funds tuition and fee expenses that exceed the tuition and fee amounts payable under the Post 9/11 GI Bill® — Please see if you are eligible.  The amount of yellow ribbon funding may vary but when coupled with other Trinity grants and scholarships, most service members are covered fully or pay very little to attend Trinity Washington.

Yes. You should stay in the program and continue to move toward your degree, this will be even more important for you as childcare centers reopen.