Secure Access

Secure Access is an online portal that allows secure, remote connectivity to Trinity’s network. Using just a web browser, you may access protected resources such as department files, Citrix Apps and more. This service is available only to full-time faculty and administrative staff.

To access this portal, direct your web browser to after obtaining approval, verifying software requirements and reviewing your Java’s security.

Obtaining Access

Approval must be obtained from the department manager or dean. Final approval is required by Information Technology Services’ CTO. Complete the Secure Access Request Form to start the necessary approval process.

Software Requirements

The following computing platforms are compatible with Secure Access. This list will be updated continuously as more operating systems and web browsers are evaluated in the future.

  • Operating Systems
    • Windows 7 and above
    • OS X 10.8 or greater
  • Web Browsers
    • Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox on Windows, or Safari on OS X
  • Antivirus
    • Most major antivirus software (Microsoft, AVG, Symantec, etc.) with recent definitions and real-time protection enabled. We do not recommend McAfee AntiVirus due to periodic compatibility issues. If you have Windows 10, Technology Services recommends using its built-in antivirus capabilities.
  • Firewall

Logging In

  1. Confirm you have obtained approval for VPN and you have enrolled in Duo.
  2. Navigate to First time users may receive a message indicating that an application launcher needs to be installed. Download and install it. You only do this once.
  3. Secure Access will then attempt to assess your computer’s security. If your computer’s security passes, the Secure Access login will finally appear.
  4. Log in with your Trinity username & password.
  5. After logging in, select your dual factor authentication method if you have already enrolled in Duo. If you haven’t enrolled into Duo, follow the on-screen steps to enroll or review instructions.
    • Selecting Send Me a Push causes the Duo app on your smartphone to ask for your login approval. Alternatively, select Call Me or Enter Passcode.
    • If you’ve selected Send Me a Push, on your smartphone click Approve to complete the login process.

Launching Citrix Apps

  1. Click on Citrix Apps to be taken to the Citrix StoreFront portal where you will see all currently available apps.
  2. Click on the app you wish to launch. Web browsers may block pop-ups which preventing successful launch.
  3. The application will load in a few moments.


  1. Your computer’s security is unsatisfactory.
  2. Host Checker did not get installed properly.
  3. You are not allowed to sign in. Please contact your administrator.
  4. Citrix applications do not load successfully.
    • Your web browser might be configured with a pop-up blocker. See your browser’s support page for more information on allowing pop-ups from