Printing with Google Chrome


1. This method requires you to be signed in Google Chrome. To sign in simply go to Chrome settings and sign in to Chrome with your Trinity email address and press NEXT.

Chrome login form

2. Login with your Trinity username and password on the next screen.

Image of SSO form

3. The settings page should now show that you are signed in as your Trinity account.

chrome settings signed in

4. To print from Chrome click Print from the options menu or press Ctrl + P. You can print any printable web content as long as it is in Chrome. For example, you can print documents and pictures through Google Docs, Drive or Photos.

5. At the print screen, click Change… to change the printer if necessary.

change printer menu

6. Select the desired Google Cloud Print queue.

change printer menu

7. Once you are ready click Print to send your document to the chosen print queue.

print menu print

8. Sign in on any of the public multi-functional copiers on campus to release your print job.