Printing from any web browser


If you are already signed in with a Google personal account you must sign out of that account before following the instructions below. 

Open your preferred web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari and go to

1. Sign in with your Trinity email address if prompted. If you are already signed in make sure that the Google account you are signed in with is your Trinity account.

google sign in

2. Login with your Trinity username and password on the next screen.

SSO login form

3. Once signed in you should see the page below.

cloud print account page

4. Click on the PRINT button to upload and print a file from your computer.

upload to print

5. On the next screen, click on Select a file from my computer to upload your file.

select files to print

6. Navigate to your file and click Open. Depending on the operating system of your computer the file picker might look different but has the same functionality. The example below was done on a Windows 7 computer.

file browser

7. Select the appropriate printer and click Print. Trinity Color Print Queue for color, Trinity Black & White print Queue for black and white.

select printer

8. Select the desired printing options and click Print to continue. Please note that the color option will be ignored on the Trinity Black and White Print Queue. All print jobs sent to the Trinity Black and White Print Queue will come out in black in white.

print options

9. The status of your print job will show in the Google Cloud Print dashboard. The jobs that need to be released will show up as In progress and the jobs that have been released will show up as Printed.


10. Go to any of the public multi-functional copiers on campus, sign in with your Trinity account and release your print job.