Operating an Instructor Station

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Classroom Computer

Most instructor stations will already be on, just asleep. Wake up the computer by moving the computer mouse or by typing on the keyboard.

If the computer is off, turn on computer by pressing the power button in middle of the computer.

Picture of a HP 6005 desktop unit that illustrates where the power button is.


To turn on a projector, press the ON button on the wall panel. Likewise, turn the projector OFF when no longer needed. It may take up to 30 seconds for the projector to warm up before you see an image.
Picture of the wall AV controller ON/OFF buttons

You can also use the remote, until they are phased out.

  1. Turn on projector using remote; wait for warm-up.
  2. Select Computer or Video input on remote to display computer or VHS.
  3. Turn off projector when not in use! Push power twice to turn off.

Picture of an Epson projector remote. It illustrates where the power and computer mode buttons are.


SMART Board light indicator on the lower right corner should be green. If light is red, restart the computer.

Picture of a Smart Board. It illustrates the location of the indicator light.

Volume Adjustments

  1. Adjust volume with remote aimed at projector.
  2. Adjust volume on computer using speaker icon on the lower right corner of the screen, next to time.

Screen capture of the Windows volume adjustment icon

Playing a DVD

  1. Insert DVD into computer. Wait momentarily for auto-play prompt.
  2. Select either Windows Media Player or VLC Player.

Playing a VHS

  1. Insert VHS into the VHS player.
  2. On remote, press the Video input to toggle display.

Main Hall & Library Instructor Station Video

Here is a short video about the standard classrooms in Main Hall. The instructor station and projector set-up is also the same as the Seminar & ETLI rooms in the Library.