Google Meet Troubleshooting

Web meeting not working? Try logging off and logging back into the Meet! This will actually fix most issues.

Troubleshooting Topics

Getting the Right Software

Google Meet works best in the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Make sure your web browsers are up to date! If you can’t successfully join a meeting, download the latest Google Chrome here or the latest Firefox here.

We do not recommend using Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

People can’t hear me when I speak

  • Is your microphone muted? Unmute if so.
  • Check your settings. Does it list your microphone as being detected? It it’s not being detected, dial-in by phone.
  • Dial-in by phone instead. Click on your meeting’s name in the bottom-left hand corner, and use a phone to dial-in.

Why do I keep getting asked to admit people into the meeting?

  • This occurs when other students join a meeting with a non-Trinity Google account. Please ensure your fellow students log into the meeting with their Trinity account.

I can’t see the presentation, but I can hear it!

  • The presenter hasn’t started the presentation yet.
  • Leave and rejoin the meeting to reset your view. This usually solves many problems!

I keep getting disconnected from the meeting!

  • If your wifi or internet connection is not reliable or too slow, you will be disconnected. Use a more reliable internet connection. We don’t recommend using public wifi hotspots because they can be unreliable.