Google Cloud Printer for Windows


The Google Cloud Printer for Windows allows you to print to Trinity’s print queues from any application on your Windows computer. The instructions below demonstrate how to install the Google Cloud Printer and print from a Microsoft Word document. If you are signed into a personal Google account in your browser you must sign out of that account before attempting to print. If you are signed in with your Trinity Google account there is no need to sign out.

1. Visit the Google Cloud Printer driver page and click on Download Google Cloud Printer.

google cloud printer download page

2. Click on the Accept and Install button. The driver will start downloading to your computer.

install prompt 1

3. Open your Downloads folder and run virtualprintersetup.exe.


4. Accept any prompts you are seeing during the installation process. Once the installation is complete you should see the following confirmation message.


installation complete

5. Open the Word document you wish to print and then click File and then on Print. Select the Google Cloud Printer from the available printers list.

word print choices

6. Sign in with your Trinity email address if prompted.

login form google

7. Login with your Trinity username and password on the next screen.

SSO login form

8. Once signed in you should see the Trinity print queues. Select the desired queue and click on Print.

print confirmation 1

9. Click on Print again once you are ready to print and have selected the desired print options.

print options