Fall 2024 Health Insurance Waiver / Enrollment Deadline

September 6, 2024 - 12:00 am
Health and Wellness Center Main 461

THE DEADLINE TO ENROLL IN STUDENT INSURANCE OR SUBMIT THE WAIVER FOR FALL 2024 is Friday September 6, 2024, and for SPRING 2025 is Wednesday January 29, 2025.

Full Academic Year 2024-2025: All students enrolled full-time in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) are automatically enrolled in the Trinity Washington University student health insurance plan offered by Cigna.  This plan coverage is from 8/01/2024 through 7/31/2025 and allows you to utilize the Health and Wellness Center as your primary care provider while you are attending Trinity.

  • The full Academic year insurance premium is $1,634.00.  This amount is automatically charged to your student account as a bi-annual premium of $817.00 for the Fall and Spring Semesters.
  • This amount is in addition to the $250 charged for the Health Fee.  Your total cost of insurance and benefits for the full year is $1,884.
  • WAIVER: If you are covered under another comparable health insurance plan, you can waive the university-sponsored student health insurance plan by completing the waiver that provides proof of coverage by another health insurance provider. The waiver deadline for 2024-2025 insurance is Friday, September 6, 2024. No exceptions can be made after this date for waiver consideration. Click here to complete the Student Health Insurance Waiver Form beginning on May 1, 2024.  Once the waiver is completed, your account will be credited for the insurance premium.
    • We strongly recommend that you check with your insurance provider to assure continued health insurance coverage while at Trinity, specifically for diagnostic testing (lab work and x-rays) and referrals to specialists.
    • In the past, students with high-deductible plans or out-of-state Medicaid plans have had difficulty accessing affordable care while away from their “network”.  Check to make sure that your insurance plan or HMO allows you to access healthcare from the local community resources in Washington, DC.
    • A note about HMOs:  Some HMOs offer guest membership plans which provide healthcare benefits to continue at the same level when away from home.  Please contact your HMO insurance provider to find out if this option is available.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ms. Wanda Riddick at 202-884-9615 or email HealthCenter@trinitydc.edu