Spring Insurance Waiver Deadline

February 2, 2024 - 12:00 am
Health and Wellness Center Main 461

Spring 2024 New and Transfer Students
All new and transfer students enrolling in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) for the first time in Spring 2024, will be automatically enrolled in the Trinity Washington University student health insurance plan offered by Cigna. The plan coverage is from 1/01/2024 through 7/31/2024 and allows you to utilize the Health and Wellness Center as your primary care provider while you are attending Trinity.

    • The Spring/Summer 2024 premium of $736.00 will be automatically charged to your student account for the Spring semester if you remain enrolled in the student insurance.
    • This amount is in addition to the $125 for the Health Fee stated above.  Your total cost of insurance and benefits for the Spring semester is $861.00.
    • If you are covered under another comparable health insurance plan, you can elect to complete a WAIVER for the Spring semester to avoid being charged.  A yearly waiver will again be necessary each Fall semester that you enroll in classes full time and have personal health insurance coverage.  The waiver deadline for Spring 2024 insurance is Friday February 2, 2024. No exceptions can be made after this date for waiver consideration

Spring 2024 Returning Students

If you insurance coverage has changed from Fall 2023, please reach out to HealthCenter@trinitydc.edu to enroll on the plan, if previously waived, or complete a waiver if you now have Insurance coverage outside of Trinity’s plan.  Waiver site opens on Monday November 6, 2023: https://www.mystudentmedical.com/waiver.php?ID=83