Dr. Cristina Parsons

Associate Professor of Economics

Phone: 202-884-9260
Office: Main 175


  • M.A., Economics, Kent State University
  • Ph.D., , The Ohio State University


My teaching ethos is centered on building a sense of academic community in the classroom. First and foremost, such a community is predicated on the notion of joint learning, which requires reciprocity and respect. Students are not the learners, and I am not the teacher; rather, we move in and out of both roles, informing one another by our experiences, our knowledge, our interests, and our questions. A class may become completely focused on a particular question or a particular methodology, and we may move away from the trajectory that I might have originally envisioned following, but insofar as students feel ownership of that which they learn, we are all part of a grand conversation by which we are all transformed.