Dr. Jennifer Lee

Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education

Phone: 202-884-9281
Office: Main 344


  • B.S., Human Development/Prenatal Infancy Early Childhood Education, Howard University
  • M.Ed., Educational Psychology, Howard University
  • Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Howard University


  • Identifying evidence-based practices that enhance teaching and learning for K-16 students
  • Identifying new practical uses of Educational Assessments for the 21st century
  • Student Engagement
  • Teacher Student Relationship Quality
  • Educational Equity and Excellence


All students are capable of learning in demanding settings with high academic expectations. We must appreciate the lived experiences that our students bring with them into the learning environment and utilize those experiences as a gateway to engage the learner with the course content. My vocation as a professor is to help students to become change agents, knowledge producers, and reflective practitioners committed to improving teaching, learning, and research in urban and other diverse settings.