Dr. Konia Kollehlon

Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Phone: 202-884-


  • B.A., Sociology, Howard University
  • M.A, Sociology, Howard University
  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of Maryland at College Park


  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Social Stratification/Inequality (Including Racial/Ethnic, Class, Gender Inequalities, etc.)
  • Social Demography (especially issues of Fertility and Migration)


  • Liberian History and Culture Trainer, U.S. Civilian Police deploying to Liberia to help train the Liberian police in a U.S. State Department sponsored program

Select Works Published

  • Liberians: An Introduction to Their History and Culture, [Primary Author; authored four of the seven sections in the booklet]
    , Center for Applied Linguistics, 2005
  • The Socioeconomic Attainment Patterns of Africans in the United States (with Dr. Edward E. Eule)
    , International Migration Review, 2003
  • Ethnicity and Fertility in Nigeria
    , Social Biology, 2003
  • How are Liberians Doing in the United States?
    , Liberian Studies Journal, 2000


I believe that teaching is an exciting process of rejuvenation and participation in the educational lives of students. It is perhaps the most important task of a faculty member, but it is one of the most difficult. Teaching is not merely something that teachers do for students; it is also a process of inquiry that teachers share with students. I believe that research informs a teacher's classroom activities. As such, it is important and necessary for a teacher to remain actively engaged in research and to share the process and product of that research with students.