Dr. Susan Farnsworth

Professor of History

Phone: 202-884-


  • B.A., History, College of Wooster
  • M.A., Comparative History, Brandeis University
  • M.A., British Imperial and Commonwealth History, University of Oxford
  • Ph.D., Comparative History, Brandeis University


  • British imperialism and decolonization
  • Victorian Britain, especially the political leadership of William Gladstone and other Peelites
  • Darwinian Thought and Social Change
  • The World Today


  • Moderator at recent annual conferences of the Middle Atlantic British Studies Association

Select Works Published

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The study of history is fundamental to a liberal arts education because it challenges us to understand how peoples in prior ages and different societies have confronted the enduring issues of domestic and public life. Rather than just emphasizing dry lists of "facts," historians look to the records of the past to examine how others have met challenges still familiar to us today. Historians learn to read critically and deeply, to meet the past on its own terms, and to explain its core activities and values. In developing historical insight and empathy, students gain skills and perspectives on which they can rely in their future lives as professionals, family builders, and citizens.