Dr. Dennis Farley

Visiting Professor of Economics

Phone: 202-884-9261
Office: Main 265


  • B.A., Economics, Princeton University
  • Ph.D., Economics, University of Pennsylvania


  • Macroeconomics
  • Monetary policy

Select Works Published

  • Conference Presentation: Achieving University Mission through Curricular Reform, Course Design, and Active Pedagogical Methods: The Economics Program at Trinity (with Christina Parsons)
    , Cengage Sixth Annual Economics Teaching Conference, 2010
  • Declining required reserves, funds rate volatility, and open market operations (with Selva Demiralp)
    , Journal of Banking and Finance, vol. 29, 2005


My previous career as an economist with the Federal Reserve System showed me that there is a great need for economic education in our society. People at large, and those pursuing a liberal education in particular, can benefit by learning to think like an economist. The economic approach can improve not just one's understanding of institutions and policies but the quality of one's life. Although most people are able to understand the basic insights of economics, the trick in teaching the subject is to tie the theory to some everyday experience that students can grasp easily.