Dr. Roberta Dorr

Professor Emerita of Education

Phone: 202-884-


  • B.S., Education, Kent State University
  • M.Ed., Reading, Trinity Washington University
  • Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Catholic University


  • National Council of the Association of Teacher Education (NCATE) Board of Examiners
  • Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Specialized Professional Association (SPA) member, and program review for over 8 years. Auditor for the past 4 years.


My philosophy is that all students can learn and that it is incumbent upon me as a teacher to know my students and know how they learn. In addition, since I teach those who will teach others I need to instill in them the belief and ways that all children can learn. In the course of my education I have fallen in love with Piaget’s belief about the use of observation in learning about a child; a qualitative researcher in a modern sense. Vygotsky, a peer of Piaget, taught us about the need for social interaction in learning. What a discussion Piaget and Vygotsky would have had had they ever been able to have a conversation with each other. The thought of that conversation inspired a young upstart named Chomsky, who though irreverent toward the old man, gave the world an insight into his interpretation of how we come to learn language. While I do not expect all of my students to get as excited about these theorists as I, I do hope that I impart the importance of knowing their contributions to the future educators I teach.