We in the School of Education (EDU) understand the importance of academic advising and the integral role it plays in a student’s educational experience. Our mission is to empower students to develop an individualized and collaborative relationship with their academic advisor, in which students are able to develop educational plans that are consistent with their goals. The academic advisor collaborates with EDU faculty and staff to ensure that students have a network of academic, professional, and personal support. We are committed to providing students with accurate and timely information, maintaining consistent and effective communication, and helping students to identify and overcome challenges. Our top priority at all times is the well-being and success of EDU students.


Our advising philosophy is informed by Crookston’s (1972) developmental approach to academic advising, in which the student and advisor have a shared commitment and work collaboratively with each other. We understand academic advising to be an ongoing learning process that cultivates problem-solving and decision-making skills, and recognizes the student’s potential for self-direction. This student-centered approach goes beyond signing forms and telling students which classes to take; we aim to intentionally engage students in a way that contributes to their holistic development.