This summer brought long hot days and many rainstorms. However, school is now back in session.  All returning students who were registered as students during spring 2019 or summer 2019 can now come and pick up their accessibility letters.  If you are a new student just submitting paperwork, DSS will forward emails to you to let you know what the next steps are.

FYI: If you are a registered student with a documented disability and you plan to use your accommodations for the fall semester, please complete the request for professors form for this semester. (It will be attached to your packet.) If you are a new student, please review the policies regarding how to get started as a student with a documented disability. For the returning students, please check your Trinity email if you have not already done so regarding your accessibility letters. (Note: DSS works diligently to have students’ accessibility letters ready by the end of the second week of class once all paperwork has been turned in; DSS will contact you, the student, by email to alert you when letters and request for letters forms can be signed and picked up.)


  • Accommodations are not retroactive. Your accommodations begin once you have given the letter to your professor and both of you have signed it.
  • Remember: You do not have to disclose your disability to your professor(s). Providing them with the current accessibility letter is sufficient.
  • Begin preparing for your quizzes and exams. If you know when they are, please go ahead and submit your student examination appointment request(s).
  • If you are preparing to take the TEAS, ATI has provided some free resources for you.