Why Give?

Trinity is committed to the mission- education for everyone who seeks the opportunity. The Trinity Annual Fund is vital to the mission because it helps to bridge the gap between tuition dollars and the actual cost for educating our students. A robust fund provides dollars for scholarship aid, salaries and the basic services that are a cost of daily operation. Your gift directly supports the most critical needs of the institution and allows us to continue our mission of educating, and inspiring students to ‘Discover their Strength’.

Gifts to the Trinity Annual Fund support The Sisterhood—the name our students give to what they are experiencing here: confidence building, academic rigor, spiritual development, sports, and career preparation that will last a lifetime.

The rare privilege of attending an all-female university is not taken lightly by our students. Trinity empowers them in ways they never expected, and

  • Close relationships built on respect are formed
  • Encouragement and support from professors, faculty and staff
  • A variety of career options through internships and volunteer activities are explored

Our mission is to prepare the students as well as provide them with a sense of security and wholeness while on this journey toward their degree completion. Your gift makes possible valuable scholarship dollars without which they would not be able to receive a Trinity education.

Today’s Trinity women are able to confidently let their voices be heard. Your gifts show you believe in Trinity and the important work it is doing in educating them to go forth and become today’s leaders.

As with all great institutions of higher education, Trinity relies on the continuing generosity and loyalty of alumnae, alumni, parents and friends to keep it strong. Your support, whether new or continued, is your opportunity to help support a new generation of Trinity students.

Support of the Trinity Annual Fund with a gift in any amount expresses the enduring commitment that binds the Trinity family from one generation to the next. The Trinity network of exceptional alumnae, that now includes a few good men as graduates of our Master’s programs, remains the heart and soul of this exceptional university. Through your gift, that underlying channel of strength and conviction that comes with a Trinity education is proudly passed to this generation of Trinity women.

The Gift of Education positively impacts the life of both the giver and the receiver! Thank you! Your gift really does matter!


Let us continue to share Trinity’s successes with you through our monthly e-newsletter. Send your email address to: alumnae@trinitydc.edu.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, or if you would like to schedule a visit to see, firsthand, the difference your gift is making, please contact the Development Office at 202 994 9720. Thank you!