Criminal Justice

Creating a Just Society

Trinity’s criminal justice program focuses on the discipline within the broader concept of social justice in a multi-cultural, industrialized democracy. Students explore the historical, theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline and are challenged to analyze current issues in the field, including evaluating the performance of the criminal justice system in deterring crime, protecting the public and fostering a just society.

The forensic science major provides students with a solid foundation in the biology and chemistry necessary for forensic investigations with applications relevant to crime labs and integrate courses in criminal justice. Trinity’s program emphasizes hands-on laboratory work, critical thinking and data analysis, and effective communication of scientific information.

The criminal justice and forensic science programs prepare students for a wide variety of careers, including law enforcement, immigration law, corrections, homeland security, forensic science and public health laboratories. Students are also prepared for graduate study in criminal justice, law, social services and forensic science.

The criminal justice major is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Professional Studies; forensic science is offered in the College of Arts and Sciences.