Grades & Transcripts

At the end of each graduate level credit course, students will receive a letter grade for the course. After the completion of a course, as per Trinity Washington University’s campus-wide policy, instructors have 72 hours  to submit their grades.

Accessing your Grade Online
Students who register online and have a login ID and password can check their grade in Self-Service. Please follow these steps to view your grade online.

  1. Login to Self Service
  2. Click the Grades tab
  3. Click the link for Unofficial Transcript

Grade Reports
As of Fall 2014, students will no longer receive a Grade report upon completion of the course.  Students must request a transcript (see below) in order to receive paper documentation of a course grade/ completion.

If you have recently completed a course, use the steps above for “Accessing your Grade Online” to be sure the grade is entered before you request a transcript.

As of June 29, 2017, Trinity Washington University is partnering with the National Student Clearinghouse to offer you official and secure electronic versions of your transcript.  The fee is $3.25 per request. Your request can be received, processed, and delivered in less than 24 hours by selecting a PDF copy and electronic delivery method. Click here to request a transcript.

For more information about grades, see our policies page.