Career and Technology Educator Course Offerings

The office of Continuing Education offers courses for teachers to meet certification requirements for Career and Technology Educators in Maryland.  Upon completion of the following courses, students may submit transcript documentation to the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to seek Maryland certification.  We encourage all students wishing to use these courses for certification to have them approved by MSDE or their respective certification office prior to registration.  The Trinity transcript will reflect the completion of the respective courses; the transcript will not indicate completion of a degree or a certification program.

Methods of Teaching

EDU 512A Methods of Instruction and Assessment for the STEM and Career Technology Educator
This course focuses on planning, delivering, and assessing instruction in professional and technical education classrooms. It prepares educators to develop instructional plans, write performance objectives, identify appropriate instructional strategies, develop instructional materials, and utilize standards-based assessment strategies in career and technology secondary education areas.

Classroom Management

EDU 515A Classroom and Risk Management for the STEM and Career Technology Educator
This course focuses on the study of teaching methods and classroom management techniques that facilitate the learning of students in Career and Technical Education settings, including risk management.

Academic Literacy

EDU 531A Academic Literacy for the STEM and Career Technology Educator
This course will focus on developing Academic literacy in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education (STEM) and Career Technology Education (CTE) area of secondary education. Academic literacy stresses the development of reading and writing proficiency for acquiring knowledge across all content areas. Participants will learn strategies to improve the academic skills and practices that strengthen reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking abilities in the classroom.

Differentiated Instruction

EDU 876C Classroom Strategies for Teaching the Exceptional Child
This course introduces the participant to instructional issues for the exceptional child. Participants will explore strategies that facilitate learning for children with various disabilities including students with learning, intellectual, and behavioral disabilities, as well as intellectually gifted students in a typical school setting. The purpose of this course is to train educators in teaching and assessment techniques of exceptional students. Special attention is given to learning modalities and mainstreaming in the regular classroom setting.

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