List of Academic Programs

Trinity offers a wide array of exemplary academic programs leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees; undergraduate minors are also offered through selected programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences may also construct an individualized major in consultation with a supervising faculty member and other faculty in various disciplines.

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Evening / Weekend
School of Business & Graduate Studies
Weekday School of Education
College of Arts & Sciences School of Nursing & Health Professions
School of Nursing & Health Professions School of Professional Studies
 Academic Program Degree Minor Undergraduate Graduate
 Accounting B.S.
 Art History yes
 Biochemistry B.S. yes
 Biology B.S. yes
 Business Administration B.A. yes B.S. M.B.A.
 Business Administration with
Human Resource Mgt.
 Chemistry B.S. yes
 Clinical Mental Health
 Communication B.A. yes
Community Education B.A. yes
 Criminal Justice B.A. yes B.S.
 Early Childhood Education  B.A.* A.A.*
 Economics yes
 Educating for Change
(Curriculum & Instruction)
 Education yes
 Elementary Education B.A.* M.A.T.*
 Educational Administration M.S.A.*
 English B.A. yes
 Fine Arts yes
 Forensic Science B.S.
Forensic Psychology yes
 General Studies  A.A.
 Health Services B.A.  B.A.
 History B.A. yes
 Human Relations B.A. B.A.
 Interdisciplinary Courses yes† yes†
 International Affairs B.A. yes
 Journalism and Media  Studies B.A. B.A.
 Language & Cultural Studies yes
 Mathematics B.S. yes
 Nursing B.S.N. R.N. to B.S.N
2nd Degree B.S.N.
 Occupational Therapy
A.A.S.  A.A.S.
 Occupational Therapy M.O.T.
 Leadership & Organizational Management M.S.A.
 Philosophy yes
 Political Science B.A. yes
 Psychology B.A. yes  B.A.
 Religious Studies & Theology yes
 School Counseling M.A.
 Secondary Education M.A.T.*
 Sociology B.A. yes
 Special Education M.A.T.*
 Strategic Communication and
Public Relations
 Women’s Studies yes

* The School of Education offers programs providing course work that meets state requirements for certain types of certification.

† All undergraduate students and eligible graduate students are encouraged to take interdisciplinary courses. Descriptions for specific undergraduate interdisciplinary courses may be found in the Interdisciplinary and Supporting Courses page for the College of Arts and Sciences. Students in the College of Arts and Sciences may also construct individualized majors and minors that are interdisciplinary in scope.


Trinity reserves the right to change, without prior notice, any policy or procedure, tuition or fee, curricular requirements, or any other information found on this web site or in its printed materials.

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