Study Abroad Grants

Study Abroad Grants

February 22, 2019:  President Pat McGuire announced that Trinity will again provide a limited number of grants for student study abroad on short-term summer programs through CIEE, the Council for International Educational Exchange. This is a competitive program open to all students in all programs and academic units.  Students must meet the requirements specified in the guidelines and completely fill out the online application.  This is a grant competition with no guarantees that an applicant will receive a grant; only a limited number of grants are available and we will award them based on the quality of the application, fulfillment of requirements and relevance to the student’s academic program.

The deadline for applications for the Trinity grant was March 12, 2019.  The deadline has passed and no more applications are being accepted. 

Note there is a separate deadline for applying to the actual program at CIEE.

Faculty and academic advisors are important in this process to help students complete the applications, and recommendations are required from your academic advisor along with the agreement of your program chair.

The value of the grant to individual students will depend on the program and other grants that the student may receive through CIEE or other sources, including federal financial aid for qualified programs.  The Trinity grant will be no more than $5,000, but adjusted downward depending on the other grants and the cost of the program and travel.