Cancel My Class

Faculty if you are ill or have an emergency, please do the following.

  1. Complete the following online Cancel My Class form, or use this link,
    1. follow directions on the form!
  2.  Email your students from Moodle with ‘Class Cancelled’ in the subject line, and choose to send a copy to yourself.
  3. Forward the email to your department chair or director (Ms. Jones or Dr. Wood) and Dr. Lewis.
  4. As soon as it is possible for you, provide the students with study materials or an alternate assignment.

Academic Affairs Links for Adjuncts

The Provost, Dr. Carlota Ocampo, and her staff have developed the following resources for Faculty and Adjuncts to provide support and direction for a successful semester at Trinity Washington University.

Academic Affairs

Adjunct Faculty Resources 

Need Additional Help?

Something technological in your classroom (computer, SMART Board, projector, etc.) needs repair

  • Please email or call Technology Services to describe the issue and room location:; 202-884-9811

Something else in your classroom needs repair

You have a question about your virtual class in Moodle

  • Please contact Katie Wanschura, Director of Instructional Technologies (AKA, Katie the Moodle Lady), via email, phone, or drop-in:; 202-884-9713; Main 241

A copier requires troubleshooting or repairs (including paper jams and replacing ink cartridges)

  • Please contact Faculty Services: 202-884-9230; Main 186
  • Please also contact Faculty Services if a computer needs repair in an adjunct faculty office space

Something else entirely that doesn’t have a clear point of contact above

  • Please contact your program chair or someone on the  BGS Dean’s Team and they will be able to point you in the right direction