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TRINITY is the official alumnae/i magazine of Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC. Published once a year, the magazine chronicles current campus news and updates from our ever-growing community of Trinity graduates. Click on the issue and article below. If you need an older article, contact Timothy Russell.
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Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Welcome
2018 President’s Report: Research is Power!
Spring Research Day
Building Bridges
Stepping Up For STEM on Capitol Hill
Bringing Hope to Homeless Children
Campus Update
Videos: Learn More

Winter 2015

Winter 2015 President’s Report
Academic Center Groundbreaking
Campus Update
Development Update

Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Welcome
The Future of Nursing
Renaissance Women
Saying Thank You
My Whole World Changed
Trinity Sisterhood

 Spring 2017

Passion and Commitment
A New Paradigm in Nursing and Healthcare
A Whole New World!
Teaching and Learning
Dedication Celebration
Dreamer Scholars
Campus Update

Spring 2013

Strive for a More Peaceful World
Q&A with Marie Dennis ’64
2013 Sower’s Seed Lecture By Dr. Nicole V. Lang ’89
President McGuire’s Blog in the Huffington Post
The Campaign for Trinity’s Second Century

Summer 2013

Summer 2013 Welcome
Trinity Accelerates Plans to Build Academic Center
Maria Gomez: Creating a Model of Social Change
Meet Trinity’s most recent graduates
A Tribte to Sr. Margaret Claydon, SND, ’45
Notre Dame Chapel
Remembering Fr. Vincent Matthews

 Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Welcome
Breaking Ground
The Campaign for Trinity’s Second Century: Update
Conway Scholars Hit Their Stride
Campus Update
Development Update

Spring 2012

The Arab Spring: The Uprising and its Significance
Women Marching for Revolution in Egypt

Monitoring Elections in Egypt: Barbara Bailey Kennelly ’58

Dr. Jane Dammen McAuliffe ’68

U.S. Policy and the Arab Awakening

Kheira Benkreira ’14: A Student Perspective

Summer 2012

Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi ’62: Choose Your Own Path
A Celebration of Educational Achievement

Meet Eight Recent Graduates

President McGuire’s Address to the Class of 2012

Gone: A Reflection on the Morning after Graduation

Fall 2012

2012 President’s Report
2012 Honor Roll Donor Profiles

Spring 2011

A Focus on Health Care
Dr. Nicole Lang ’89
Kathleen Gilligan Sebelius ’70
Dr. Kathleen Bober-Sorcinelli ’76
Jennifer Hicks Bright ’91
Margaret McManus ’73
Dr. Wendy Madigosky ’95
Dr. Barbara Onderchek Black ’62
Students and Recent Graduates
School of Nursing and Health Professions
Trustee Profile: Dr. Ed Healton

 Summer 2011

Commencement Address 2011
Meet Eight Recent Graduates
A Call to Work for Social Justice
The Trinity Sisters
Trustee Profile: Lauren Pacelli McLaughlin ’96

 Fall 2011

2011 President’s Report
Donor and Student Profiles

Spring 2010

2010 Spring TRINITY magazine cover

Ambassador Susan Burk ’76
Margot Mininni ’73
Saving Africa’s Most Vulnerable
Tracking Climate Change
A Plan for Haiti’s Recovery
Improving Healthcare in Haiti
A Recent Grad in South Africa
Teaching English in South Korea
A Semester in Egypt

Summer 2010

2010 Summer TRINITY magazine cover

Commencement Address 2010
Q&A with Argelia Rodriguez
Meet the Class of 2010
Where is the Nation, and Trinity, Heading?
The Power of All-Women’s Colleges
Trustee Profile: Conte
Trustee Profile: Demorest ’65

Fall 2010

2010 Fall TRINITY magazine cover

2010 President’s Report
Donor Profiles

Spring 2009

2009 Spring TRINITY Magazine

Geometric Healing
Helping D.C. Youth
A Fresh Perspective
A Light on Autism
Fighting Cancer
A Celebration of Community Organizers
Sr. Seton Cunneen ’65 Fellows
Trustee Profile: Lang ’89
Trustee Profile: Rodriguez

Summer 2009

2009 Summer TRINITY Magazine

Commencement Address 2009
A Conversation with
Maggie Williams ’77

Meet the Class of 2009
What’s Next for Catholic
Higher Education?

Trustee Profile: Freeman
Trustee Profile: Lettice ’71

Fall 2009

2009 Fall TRINITY Magazine

2009 President’s Report
Donor Profiles
Student Profiles

Spring 2008

Rachelle Puryear ’69
Kate Moira Ryan ’87
Meet Three Trinity Student Artists
Thora Jacobson ’70
Elizabeth Langhoff Herlihy ’61
Dr. Sharon Shafer Retires
The Trinity Center for Women
and Girls in Sports

Cathie Black ’66: Basic Black
Trustee Profile: Karl ’63
Trustee Profile: Mayfield ’96

Summer 2008

Commencement Address 2008
Meet the Class of 2008
Commencement Remarks 2008
Anne Wolf Breidenstein ’43
Trustee Profile: Irene Horstmann Hannan ’68
Trustee Profile: Sr. Patty
Chappell, SND

Fall 2008

2008 President’s Report

Donor Profiles

Spring 2007

Giving Students the Right Tools
Travel for the Foreign Service
International Student Profiles
Teaching for Global Leadership
Sandy Quimbaya ’01
Erica Gillette ’04
Kalpana Gupta ’92
Sr. Seton Cunneen Fellows

Summer 2007

Commencement Address 2007
Q & A with Barbara B. Lang

Beyond Graduation

Commencement Remarks 2007

Leader of the Years Award

Fall 2007

Claire Walker Lambourne ’64
Susan Widmayer ’68
Debbie Salerno Moran ’90
Gerianne Smart ’82
Amy Costello ’92 Presents
Sower’s Seed Lecture

Trustee Profile: O’Brien ’69
Trustee Profile: Phillips ’80

Winter/Spring 2006

Same Difference Q&A with Caryl Rivers ’59
What Women Really Want
Q&A with Kellyanne Conway ’89
Women’s History: Writing the Next Chapter

Summer 2006

Sheila C. Johnson Challenges the Class of 2006
A Conversation With Sheila C. Johnson
President McGuire Addresses the Class of 2006
Meet Five 2006 Graduates

Fall 2006

The Story of St. Coletta and Sharon Brady Raimo ’69, ’94
Gillian Pratt ’94 Transforms a School

Trinity Educators Share Lessons From the Classroom

No Child Left Behind Act