Joann (Yiep) Hanley

Joann (Yiep) Hanley

WILMINGTON — Joann Hanley, 84, daughter of Melvin and Irene Yeip and wife of Andrew Hanley, died Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020, at her home.

She is survived by her daughter, Irene Hanley; sons, Lawrence and Andrew; eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren; and sisters, Ursula Walsh and Frances Daley.

Joann grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, graduated from Trinity College, Washington, D.C., and lived with her beloved husband and family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; San Mateo, California; London, United Kingdom, and Pinehurst.

Joann was renowned among family and friends for her strength, her liveliness, and her intelligence. Her life was guided by a love of ideas and learning, her conviction that faith is revealed and strengthened through action, her belief that humor keeps things in perspective and that the burden of foolishness is best relieved by direct, no-nonsense talk. “There, but for the grace of God, go I” were her most familiar watchwords.

Joann was a tough cookie. In her later years, she battled and vanquished lymphoma and brain cancer. She died with the same quiet resolve and dignity that she lived her life.

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