1997 Class Notes for 2015

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Nicki Sanders has had a great year in general and loved returning home to Trinity. She served as an Adjunct Professor in the Human Relations department in fall 2014 and prepared to teach Introduction to Human Relations for fall 2015. She also supervised two Trinity seniors who were completing their Psychology Practicum at her full-time job. Additionally, Nicki has a career coaching business called Packaged For Success.

Inspired by her abundant exposure to the exceptional Pan-American Symphony Orchestra while studying at Trinity, Maria Crassas Makrodimitri took a tango immersion class in Rockville, MD. She learned that it does not “take two to tango” though that is still her preferred style. She had flashbacks to life lessons taught by Anneta Dexter-Sawyer and other dance teachers and from her collaborators in the Trinity College Dance Company. Maria taught Greek dance at a social event as a charitable contribution to help refugees. Dancing has been a beautiful part of her life and she is glad to take some opportunities to embrace it once again. It has always been a source of strength and is something she loves to share with her children, who love to dance as much as she does. Evyia has a great love for all things scientific and Jimmy has a love for all things nautical. She thanks her parents for opening their hearts, doors and home as she returned three years ago due to a divorce. She thanks them for enabling and encouraging her to get out and keep dancing.

Last February, Margarette Fingers Shovlin completed a six-year stint as an Electoral Board member for the city of Falls Church, VA. She was presented with an award in recognition of her service. She also co-founded the day care center at St. James Catholic Church and worked as treasurer and leadership committee member of the local Republican Committee.  Margarette volunteers with The Little City C.A.T.C.H. Foundation, which promotes arts, history, and cultural education.

Erica Dobres Jones spent two weeks vacationing in Mexico.  She and her family are moving back to Tampa FL. She has a new job as a paralegal.

Suzanne Fraley Paddock reported in from Australia. She and her family have been in beautiful Queensland for over 18 months and just love it. They’ve done some traveling and enjoyed the beaches, reefs and towns. They bought a house last November and are planning on staying put for the foreseeable future. Suzie, Ian, and Sean hosted a fabulous 4th of July BBQ for some American friends and fifty-odd Aussies who just love a good Barbie. She highly recommends you come and visit. Just find Suzie on Facebook and let her know your dates. Suzie has gone back to work and she found the perfect part-time job working at her church. In addition to the awesome people and good hours, Suzie is learning new skills, like how to update and manage a webpage.

Robyn Spittle Harmon has had a great year in Colorado. She and her husband just purchased a condo in the ski town of Breckenridge. Robyn and her family visited the Delaware beaches for their annual family reunion.

Tanya Naranjo Ryder married Jason Ryder last April. They were planning to go to Santorini and Greece last November for a delayed honeymoon and running in the Athens marathon. Last September they planned to go on a mission trip to Ecuador with their church. Tanya and Jason live in Centreville, VA with Katerina, Gigi, and Evan. Tanya is still working as Project Manager at NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

Proud mother Claire Barreto Guthrie celebrated her daughter, Ashley’s, completion of her first year of law school.

Katie Doyle Andrews has done some international traveling this past year. Last June, she spent a week in Banff, Canada for work, and went spelunking while there. Last July, her family took a trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. They went extreme zip lining, rappelling free-falling, and swam with dolphins.  Her sons Drake and Laurence loved the activities. As the ever adventurous couple they are, Katie and her husband Ted went hang-gliding over the Florida orange groves outside Orlando last July.  After 10 years of marathoning, she still runs small races:  over 15 5ks and a few 10k races over the past eight months.

Last June, Kenya Turner hosted the second annual fundraiser for endometriosis awareness called “Bowties and Pearls: A Bourbon Cocktail Party”. It’s the only awareness event in Louisville for endometriosis. Last July, she completed a sprint triathlon (750 meter swim, 12 mile bike, and 5k) and placed second in her age group! Kenya planned to train for her third running of the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in November. Kenya started a new job as Talent Acquisition Manager at Christian Care Communities. She also welcomed a new niece to the Turner family this past year.

As for me, I’m about mid-way through the coursework for my Masters of Arts in Teaching at Regis College in Weston, MA. The campus and its buildings, with marble corridors and wooden accents, often remind me of my time at Trinity. I work in the Nelson Center, an education resource center in the Regis College Library, which is a boon for my book-loving daughter Calla.

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Janine Kayser