1960 Class Notes for 2015

Dear Reds of ’60,

We were pleased to hear from so many in such short order.

Peggy Moffatt Gilman writes of reune-ing with six pals in Stowe for a summer visit.  She keeps busy as a court appointed advocate and enjoys family visits to Virginia Beach. Peggy plans to visit Greece and Turkey soon.  MaryAnne Violett Schoeb also looks forward to a river cruise from Budapest to the Black Sea and a trip to the Holy Land in October. Rosemary Murphy Dinnhaupt took a lovely barge trip up the Thames and Betty Cole Mullen spent 10 days on a river cruise from Bucharest up the Danube to Budapest.  It’s truly the way to travel.

Mary Clare Parkin Auger was prompt in reporting her activities: keeping a “B&B” in her home for visiting family and learning how to do the butterfly stroke from a lifeguard at her neighborhood pool.  Mary Clare points out that it is never too late to learn.  Good work.

It was good to hear from Regina Ryan Deutschman, who was planning to visit DC last August.  She will participate in a professional conference for writers seeking publication advice.  We planned to invite other classmates over to see her during her weekend visit.  Regina tells us that Margaret Crowley Soloman sold her house to move into Kent, a more convenient site.   We hear that her town house is charming, with two terraces.  Good luck, Margaret, in your new place.

Another classmate anticipating a move is Mary Anne Caritey Jones who is selling her home in order to go into an assisted living facility in Venice, FL.  Her daughter, Kate, is doing most of the heavy lifting for her and her beloved dachshunds can make the move as well.   Also moving to assisted living, in California, is Nancy Parina Miller.  She says her nieces and nephews have made out like bandits!

Jennifer Seymour Whitaker is nearing completion of her newest book.  When published, your scribes will send details.  Jen and Craig are both well.

Mary McMahon Shannon calls in on a regular basis.  She is on her usual carousel ride from Atlanta to New York City with cool weather visits to her home in the Florida Keys.

Marie Meng Caffrey reports from Pennsylvania that her volunteer work consists of parish and diocesan activity.  She plans to visit Disney World, a first for Marie, with her daughter Peggy and family, in November.

Noel Burke Cosby, as so many other classmates have, wrote a rave for Reunion 55.  She and Jim soon thereafter took a Mississippi paddleboat cruise.  Memphis was a huge hit: Beale St. Blues, barbecue, Sun Studio, and Graceland.  Who could want more?

Anne Davidge Smith and Gary are trying to reduce the clutter of many moves and many years of marriage.

Peggy McCarthy McCaig also checked in with a phone call—she’s as busy as ever.

Angela Mussetto Imhof has been spending the summer in Boothbay Harbor, ME.  She’s still involved with the Parkinson community and has been advocating with them.

Molly Scanlan Kelly will receive a well-deserved honor from the Kansas Bishops for her work as a pro-life advocate.  Happily, she joined us for a day of Reunion.  Her visit was brief but so welcome.

LuAnn Libert Miller reports that Chuck is recovering from surgery and will subsequently receive therapy.  Prayers, please, for his continued progress.

All who came to the 55th Reunion raved about Hillwood, class parties, one another, and especially the hard work of our president, Judy Murphy Leheny.  It was good catching up with all and, of course, meeting Maggie Reid Raffa’s  husband, Bob, who feels right at home with all the Reds of ’60.  Maggie and Bob have bought a second home in Florida, where they plan to spend six months of the year. They will be close to  Janet Hayes Walsh and Jim and to Danna Crowley.

Another newcomer to the class, Bill Clare, came as Adele Jones Calcavecchio’s welcome guest.  Jackie Morgan Jensen’s daughter, Maria Muñoz is a new class family member.  She was an outstanding asset all weekend long, especially at Sunday morning Brunch.  She and Nora Whalen were tireless assistant hostesses.  Many thanks.  Also invaluable, and delightful fun, was Gloria Hicks Garvin.  Gloria is retired now and enjoys her well-deserved leisure.
Anne Donovan Whalen and husband Tom were pleased to host the 7th Reunion Party on Sunday morning.  They both keep busy with Tom’s work , travel, and anticipation of daughter Nora’s wedding to David Wagner last October.

We had a post script to reunion with classmates Barbara Weber Budde, Walda Murphy Connell, Agnes Sullivan McGuire, Gloria Hicks Garvin, Barbara Bannon,

Mary McMahon Shannon, Ro Murphy Dinnhaupt, and your scribes.  What fun!  What laughs!  How did we ever get degrees in 1960 having so much fun?

Betty Dooley, unable to be at Reunion because of a conflict, gives us news of classmates  Marie Lawlor Rozan(“she never ages”) Angela Musetto Imhof, and Betty Casey Shea, with whom she often visits.  Betty keeps getting around despite moving more slowly.  She closed with a lovely message we’ll share, “Best wishes and prayers to all us Reds as the great adventure continues.”

Anne Whalen and Betty Mullins