Trinity Class of 1973 50th Reunion

December 2021
Dear Fellow Trinity ‘73 Classmates,
After a long summer, Fall weather has arrived. We’ve just celebrated Thanksgiving and now the Christmas holidays approach: time flies so fast these days. In fact, we will be celebrating our 50th Trinity Reunion sooner than you think and that is scary! Seriously though, your diligent Class of ’73 Reunion Committee would like to give you plenty of notice to save the dates—Friday, October 27 to Sunday October 29, 2023—for our golden celebration in Washington. (Maybe you can get that facelift in before then—be thankful for that!)
To launch our efforts, we thought it would be fun to tease your brain a little. How many of these other scary things do you remember?
  • Parietal rules
  • Tab from the smoker Macke machine
  • Ironed hair and soup can rollers
  • The Open Curriculum
  • Hall phones
  • Tin-foiled LP albums on the Cuvilly roof
  • The creepy pool
  • The SGT Door sign-in
  • Swiss “Steak” in gravy
  • A gunshot in Main Hall
Now that we’ve given you some flashbacks, we are asking you to recall and share your own fond memories so we can compile a 50th Reunion Recollection Album. Send your narratives to any of us on the Committee (see information below). Eventually, we’ll upload the recollections to a Class of ’73 page on the Trinity website. Don’t forget to include stories about study abroad, Consortium classes, work/study projects or about home for our daily commuters. We’d like to hear from all of you!
Meanwhile, very tentative Reunion plans include a Friday tour of places beloved by our college-age selves-now much altered, a cocktail hour, a memorial mass and all the other engaging University-planned, on-campus activities. We are fortunate to share our reunion dates with the concluding activities of the 125th celebration of the college’s 1897 founding. Excitingly, because Trinity has decided to henceforth hold reunions in October, we’ll also be able to sample today’s student life—likely far different from our own! We’ll keep you posted.
Speaking of eerily different student life (or was it?)…
Are these studious Trinity ladies…
  1. 1) Cheating on un-proctored exams
  2. 2) Smoking a hookah pipe in the stacks
  3. 3) Disciplining a classmate who lost her mortarboard
  4. 4 ) Studying in the library
We are pretty sure you know the answer to this one but stay tuned for more fun to come!
One final housekeeping note—if you are in contact with Trinity classmates who have new
contact information since our 45th Reunion, please email or call one of us with their new information. Due to retirement and downsizing moves our records may be in arrears. Your help would be most appreciated. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Your Trinity Washington ‘73 Reunion Committee