School of Professional Studies

The School of Professional Studies offers undergraduate programs for women and men accelerated degree programs with 8-week classes that meet in the evenings and weekends.

The School of Professional Studies offers academic support to help you succeed; the Writing Center will help you with your papers (and your resume!), and free tutoring is available.

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Accounting (B.S.)
In the current era of global competition, management of costs is vital to ensuring organizations’ and corporations’ financial viability and profitability. Accounting professionals implement effective cost control measures across all sectors.
Business Administration (B.S.)
Our business administration program equips students with a solid understanding of the various functional areas of business and the analytical and communication skills that are essential to develop and implement effective strategies in a competitive environment.
Business Administration with Human Resource Management (B.S.)
Prepare to attract, manage and develop the workforce organizations need to ensure a strategic competitive advantage in a fluid local economy that is influenced by global pressures.
Criminal Justice (Evening)
Trinity's criminal justice program focuses on the role of criminal justice within the broader concept of social justice in a multi-cultural, industrialized democracy.
Early Childhood Community Education (B.A.)
Prepare for a career in childcare centers or assisting in early childhood education environments.
Early Childhood Education
Believe in the possibilities for all young children and in your role as an early childhood education teacher in realizing and expanding these possibilities.
Early Childhood Education (B.A.)
Prepare for a career and licensure in early childhood education (ages 3-8).
General Studies (B.A.)
Trinity's general studies students hone their critical thinking and writing skills while enjoying the flexibility of choosing their own areas of focus according to their interests and experiences.
Health Services B.A.
Trinity's Health Services degree prepares future health care leaders to confidently navigate the health care system and enact positive change.
Human Relations (B.A.)
Better understand human behavior and the social world as you develop a scholarly perspective in the two major social science areas of psychology and sociology.
Journalism and Media Studies
With a B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies, a student who sees herself as a non-fiction storyteller with a passion to educate and engage an audience with words, sounds and visuals, has a career in her future as a digital journalist, media manager or communications specialist.
Psychology (Evening)
Prepare for a career or graduate study in mental health and human services with a solid foundation in research, theory and practical skills.