Employers: Is Your Corporation, Agency or Nonprofit Equipped for Success?

By partnering with Trinity, your organization and its employees acquire the capabilities needed for success in today’s economy. Employees with industry-leading skills and advanced professional training are the backbone of successful organizations. Empower your workforce to become more effective, productive, and competitive. Contact us to discuss how a Trinity Educational Partnership will help your organization achieve specific strategic goals through customized learning.

Starting with discussion and assessment of your organization’s goals and learning needs, Trinity Educational Partnerships develop and deliver academic programs tailored to your specific objectives. Your employees gain the exact capabilities and knowledge needed for your organization’s success.

Trinity’s academic programs promote professional development by sharpening skills and updating industry knowledge to state-of-the-art. Each course is taught by faculty with real-world experience in their field.

Master’s Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Benefits of Partnering with Trinity

  • Enhance employee morale.
  • Prepare employees to advance organizational goals.
  • Augment employee skills sets and maximize performance.
  • Strengthen organizational communication.
  • Create competitive advantage for your enterprise.

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For more information contact Trinity Washington University Admissions. admissions@trinitydc.edu or 202-884-9400.