Trinity Leadership Scholarship: Up to $15,000 Guaranteed 

The Trinity Leadership Scholarship program guarantees a scholarship, up to $15,000, to every new first year student admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences, Trinity’s undergraduate college for women. Students who plan to enter Trinity in fall must apply to Trinity by August 15, and follow additional guidelines. With satisfactory academic performance, students will receive this scholarship every year they are enrolled full-time at Trinity. The program streamlines and simplifies the often-confusing financial aid process to help women pursue a college degree and make tuition affordable.

All students who apply to Trinity by the deadline above and are admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences will receive this scholarship – no need to complete a separate application! For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at or 202-884-9400.

The Trinity Leadership Scholarship is the guaranteed minimum an accepted student will receive. Students may also be awarded need-based Trinity scholarships, Pell grants, and scholarships for D.C. residents, resulting in a larger financial aid package.

Many D.C. students at Trinity pay zero dollars out-of-pocket for tuition.


To be eligible for the Trinity Leadership Scholarship, a student must:

After the student completes the FAFSA form, she may be awarded additional need-based scholarships from Trinity, Pell grants for low-income students (up to $5,815, depending on her financial need), and may be eligible for other financial aid and federal loans.

An Annual Scholarship: The scholarship will be renewed each year as long students maintain satisfactory academic progress as a full-time student at Trinity, with a minimum 2.0 GPA, and complete their FAFSA every year.

D.C. Residents Eligible to Receive Additional Financial Support

D.C. residents may be eligible for additional grants and scholarships that will increase their Trinity financial aid package and reduce the amount they pay out-of-pocket for tuition. To be eligible for the Trinity Leadership Scholarship, D.C. residents must apply for:

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To  learn more about the Trinity Leadership Scholarship, contact the Trinity Admissions Office at 202-884-9400, or email

Trinity invites students, families and guidance counselors to visit campus or attend an upcoming Admissions information session. View the calendar of events here.

Questions about financial aid or completing the FAFSA?

Check out our Financial Aid portal! Trinity’s Enrollment Services staff will work with students, families and guidance counselors to assist students through the process, every step of the way.