Admissions Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Students During the Coronavirus Crisis

We know you’ve got questions – and Trinity has answers!

These are uncertain times yet we know you are still eager to take the next step and go to college. Trinity’s Admissions Office is open virtually and we’re always available to answer your questions. We encourage you to apply to Trinity – the application is online and there’s no fee. We are handling admissions applications every day, and staff in Trinity’s financial aid office are processing financial aid packages.

We know everyone is stressed about money and we can help: Trinity has the lowest tuition of any private university in the Washington region, and with financial aid, Trinity is very affordable. We work with you every step of the way.

Please read through these questions and answers, from financial aid to the application process. If you still have questions, please contact the Admissions Office by calling us at 202-884-9400 or emailing We’re here for you!


I’m not sure I can afford to attend college with so much financial uncertainty all around. What advice can you give me?

We can help you!  Trinity is mindful of the financial stress that every student is feeling right now, and we have strong sources of financial aid to help you. You can get the conversation started by calling the Admissions Office at 202-884-9400 or emailing

What’s most important is that you fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is the starting point to help us work with you to see how much financial aid you might get. You may qualify for a Pell Grant, federal loans, or other kinds of assistance. If you are a DC Resident, there are other kinds of aid that might be available. Trinity also has donor-funded scholarships and private sources of financial aid to help our students. Your Admissions Recruiter can put you in touch with a financial aid advisor to work through the various options for financial aid.

While this time is very stressful, it’s important to stay focused on your long-term goals. Having a college education will put you in a much better position to take advantage of the jobs and careers that will open up after the current crisis. Think of the many new jobs that will be available in healthcare, public health, technology, business and finance, human resources management — all of the issues on the front pages every day require college-educated talent, and  Trinity has the programs that prepare students for work in these areas.

I was working in an early childhood center in DC and got laid off. Am I still eligible for the financial aid that was tied to my job?

Yes. You should stay in the program and continue to move toward your degree, this will be even more important for you when the childcare centers reopen.

How much does it cost to go to Trinity?

Trinity has the lowest tuition of any private university in the Washington region, and with financial aid, Trinity is very affordable. Tuition price depends on whether you are full-time or part-time, undergraduate or graduate, so you should check the fees on our tuition website. However, you should know that what you actually pay out of your own pocket depends on how much financial aid you qualify for, so please go ahead and complete the FAFSA form and then our financial aid team will work with you to calculate how much you will pay to attend Trinity.


I am having a hard time getting official transcripts from my other schools. Will this hold up getting an admissions decision from Trinity?

No, this will not hold up an admissions decision if you can provide unofficial transcripts, diplomas or other documents attesting to your academic performance at other schools. If that evidence supports your admission, you will receive a conditional admission letter and you will have to provide the official transcript by the start of your new semester. Trinity will work with you if there is any further delay due to how the coronavirus crisis is affecting the ability of many schools to process transcript requests.

My guidance counselor/supervisor cannot provide a formal letter of recommendation at this time. Will this hold up my application?

No, this will not hold up your application, if you let us know that you are having a hard time getting the recommendation letter, we will proceed to review your application. If the evidence supports your admission, you will receive a conditional admissions letter and you will have to provide the recommendations once you enroll. Trinity will work with you to be sure that delays in credentials due to the coronavirus will not affect your ability to enroll at Trinity.

I sent my letters of recommendation and transcripts through regular mail. Are you open to receive paper credentials?

Yes, Trinity’s Post Office is open each day and an Admissions staff member comes to the campus each day to process the mail.

My high school has been chaotic in the transition to learning at home, and I’m worried that my senior grades will not be very good, and I’m also worried about graduation. What is your advice?

We completely understand the many disruptions and stresses of the coronavirus crisis era, and we will review your entire academic performance, not just the spring 2020 grades. What’s important is that you put in the effort and try to do your best, but please do not stress about your actual grades. Concerning completion of your high school diploma, the federal government requires a diploma in order for you to be eligible for federal financial aid. If you are not sure that you will receive your diploma, please let us know and we will work with you to determine the best next steps.

I haven’t been able to visit the campus before the coronavirus crisis kept us all home. Is there a way to meet some students and maybe see the campus virtually?

Yes! Admissions Recruiters and Student Ambassadors will be delighted to speak with you; call 202-884-9400 to get connected. Our Admissions team is also planning virtual programs to help acquaint you with Trinity, our students and faculty. To see the complete list of virtual Admissions programs and dates visit the Admissions events page on our website.


Will Trinity continue to offer online classes?

Yes, during the period of the coronavirus crisis, Trinity will continue online classes for all courses. All summer 2020 classes will be online. We hope to be able to resume classroom-based instruction for the fall 2020 semester depending upon the status of the crisis. Once it is safe to resume classroom-based instruction, many courses will return to classroom-based instruction; some courses will remain fully online, and some will blend classroom meetings with online work in a “hybrid” format.

Will Trinity offer fully online programs? 

Trinity will seek accreditation and regulatory approval to make some programs online for 100% of the coursework. Currently, Trinity does not have any programs approved for 100% online delivery, but accreditors and regulators have issued waivers to teach online during the coronavirus crisis period. We will let prospective students know when we have approval for some programs to be 100% online.

What is going to happen to clinical requirements for Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Counseling, Teacher Preparation, School Leadership and other programs that require “live” clinical instruction?

Trinity’s academic leaders are working with the agencies that regulate licensure programs requiring clinical education to determine the best strategies for continuing instruction during the coronavirus crisis. Because some kinds of clinical education cannot be completed in simulation or virtually, completion of those clinical components will be delayed until the crisis abates and students can return to clinical sites. In most cases, didactic instruction continues while awaiting the reopening of clinical sites. Trinity will do everything possible to keep students in licensure programs progressing toward degrees but students should also be aware that the delays in reopening clinical sites might necessarily postpone degree completion.

What is happening to laboratory courses in Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology and related science courses?

Trinity’s faculty in the sciences have developed online solutions to have virtual laboratories during the period of the coronavirus crisis. Once the crisis is over, these courses will resume in the real laboratories, though some instruction may continue in the online or hybrid format.


Will Trinity offer residence hall options on campus in Fall 2020?

Yes, as of now, we are planning to have residence halls open in the fall. Of course, depending on the length of the coronavirus crisis, this might change. But we are very hopeful that we can be up and running in Fall 2020.

Will Trinity Athletics offer opportunities for athletes in 2020-2021?

Yes, we sure hope so!  The Trinity Tigers are a big part of campus life, and we are all looking forward to cheering for our teams in the fall. There’s nothing quite like spending a long afternoon on the soccer field cheering for great players, or then heading to the Trinity Sports Center to cheer for our volleyball team. Basketball, tennis, softball are all sports that keep our students active and healthy year-round and give the rest of us many opportunities to cheer for the Trinity Tigers!

Do you still have questions? Please contact the Admissions Office by calling us at 202-884-9400 or emailing 

We’re here for you!